Follow this 3 points can make money in the stock market

Follow this 3 points can make money in the stock market

Follow this 3 points can make money in the stock market


1.Buy stocks must pay attention to the stock market trend in the future.

As if now China’s exchange rate fluctuations, the United States and not raising interest rates, prices, gold, the information of heavy metals. Price and future half a year now, even the price of 1 year there will be a big change. Or just for a change?

On the corporate level, you will be more attention to their future performance, what’s acquisition of expected restructuring expected. More competitive advantage of new products, like Iphone products. All of these must be considered.

Use alien from Mars analysis.

This technique helps you tune out all the junk analysis. Imagine you’re an alien from Mars. Simply look at the facts, clearly and objectively.

When you look at the world in this way… you’ll see that the conditions are ripe for an economic boom in the United States.

Interest rates are near an all-time low. That means it’s cheaper than ever for first-time homebuyers to step in and buy their first house. And that’s exactly what you’ve been seeing recently.

2.Now earnings do not represent later profits.

What this means is that the Fed simply can’t continue to raise rates in 2016… or in 2017 for that matter. A stronger dollar will put pressure on margins, pushing earnings even lower, and slowing revenue growth by reducing American exports.

Falling revenue and declining earnings also show that America’s economy is not as strong as it is being portrayed. If our economy was, in fact, expanding by more than 2%, generating a modest amount of inflation and boosting wages, we would need companies leading this charge to be more fundamentally sound. Until then, don’t expect to see any improvement.
If you are buying on the fact that earnings have topped analyst expectations and ignoring that earnings are actually declining 3.7% (and have done so for the past three quarters), then now is the time to take some profits off the table and prepare for better buying opportunities down the road.

3.Don’t listen to share inside information

Fewer than 10 percent of transitioning companies ever make it to NASDAQ because you’re looking at increased capitalization, expensive listing fees and even more rigorous financial requirements.

There really is a small potential for stock depreciation before the actual transition nevertheless the chance depreciation is little unless the company is not really traded well and there is little need for the upcoming transition.

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