Hca stock price worth the investment now?

Hca stock price worth the investment now?

Before investing, it is important to have a good idea about the type of investment you’re willing to pursue. Nowadays, there are several investment options to choose from.

As if we bought the stock of the HCA, we invested in HCA,Hca stock price worth the investment now? HCA future prospects?


American health care is too expensive, and interest groups holding reform, social security and medicare is a game of musical chairs, sooner or later, bankruptcy, on the other hand many laws and regulations, industry chain all of a company’s greatest appeal is not to make mistakes on lawsuits.
Medical company has been facing pressure from the payment of insurance company, so now very popular strategy is to improve operating efficiency, reduce the cost. Workers from several aspects: increase efficiency, integration of outsourcing, do big essence. Full-time in attrition is to reduce, increase the contract, have the trend across the country. Efficiency is through technical means, especially IT improve hospital operating efficiency, electronic medical records, ERP system, the integration of procurement system not to be eliminated. Integration is to make the industrial chain link, independent company increase the bargaining power,
HCA has its own sourcing company specializes in the supply chain together, not only service HCA, and other medical service companies, such as the recent HCA, not only won the competition Tenet of procurement contract, also let them take a stake in the subsidiary company. Outsourcing is to make the professional person do a professional matter, HCA management doctor only; The supply chain, financial management, contract management, etc are to outside companies do. Do the essence is the core competitiveness, the treatment effect of patients, and return rate of hospital, wait to see the doctor management indicators to speak. Do big can be found in many industries, especially when the economy is bad, it is the best time to the big fish eat small fish.
HCA headquarters in Tennessee, folkway, from boss to employees feel both feet on the ground. Overall feeling is a sound company, purpose is to be patient, reliable service, not the sort of innovation in silicon valley that fit but not conservative, or trying to progress with trend. Can do value investing, but slower growth.

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