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the illustration Tiangong2

As early as 1992, China has established the space program aimed to establish a space station. A divided into three steps, the first step is manned spacecraft stage, the goal is to be able to send astronauts to the space, the normal operation of several days, and successfully returns.

The second step is the space laboratory. At this stage to solve assembly, interaction and docking, the supply and recycle and so on four big technology.

These technologies related to the survival of the assembly of the space station, the astronauts on the space station and other key issues. Tiangong 1 is China in the second step plan in order to solve the problem of interaction and docking and launching a target aircraft. Tiangong 1 was shipped to space, through the joint can be converted into a space lab of short-term someone to take care of.

Docking technology matures, you can launch the real space lab 2 – heavenly palace. Tiangong ii will complete regenerative cycle system, payload, and application of experimental and other scientific research project.

Through space laboratory in China’s manned space “three-step” program, China will ultimately is a basic model of the construction of the space station。


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