What is the fun of football

What is the fun of football

As you see and play the game, you will like it and enjoy it but no one can force you it’s all up to you just try it and if you dont like it just tries another thing. O and to get better do some leg workouts and practice kicking the ball with a friend or on a wall. Have fun?

Well, there are many people who play soccer that’s for sure (soccer is, if I remember correctly, the most popular outdoor sport in the world). In terms of playing soccer as an ambition/professionally, there is way less. Well, firstly soccer is fun to me as it’s a stress release for me. After the pressure of schoolwork and projects, releasing these stress on the pitch is enjoyable. Furthermore, most of us have started playing since young, and are quite good at it, and thus naturally we enjoy it. For some people, going past (dribble) past players, making saves, or stopping a decisive goal from scoring is all great and satisfying achievements as people praise you. Moreover, soccer is a team sport, and some people enjoy team games with friends as it’s a past time as well as an enjoyable time.

ABack to the real question, why is soccer my ambition? Well, if you are really ambitious to playing soccer professionally, then it’ll simply mean that you’re either really good at soccer, you like the praise and motivation other people give you, or that you like the way how professional soccer players earn cash every week like crazy.

Soccer is like a life metaphor.  Is for everyone, tall players short players, fat players, skinny players…. Universal as no other sport is…  Is a team game where everybody counts.  It’s not always pleasant, but just like life, there are times when you have to fight harder to get what you deserve.  Every player has to attack and defend is a game of guts, and brains.

Football, I mean authentic Football of association. (not that American crap), is very much like life, and for that reason,is the most popular sport in the world.

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