Which sport do like better,Basketball vs Soccer?

Which sport do like better,Basketball vs Soccer?

Soccer. All the way.

Basketball stops too much for time outs and stuff.  Soccer is a contact sport! Yay!

I’ve played soccer since I was a little infant.

I played football(soccer) in high school and basketball in college…

As someone who has a smaller-than-average frame, I really had tougher time with basketball, only because of the size discrepancy among other players. I had more injuries(during practice) playing basketball compared to soccer, however, I have to say that soccer had a lot more strain on my body, endurance wise. There is so much running/sprinting involve in soccer, not to mention, time-outs aren’t technically allowed in-games.

Mental wise, basketball is tougher. It’s much more fast-paced than soccer. Decision making is much more critical overall. In soccer, mental toughness is purely situational. If you are up, then the pressure is much more concentrated on the defense(especially if you play Goal Keeper). And when you’re down, then the pressure shifts towards of the offensive players. In basketball, you really have to pay attention to so many things – the shot-clock, your palming(dribbling), the time, your fouls, TOs, defensive/offensive plays, etc..

Overall, I think that basketball is generally tougher for me, although I think that you’ll probably need more endurance in soccer. Comparing one 90 minute soccer game to one 48 minute basketball game isn’t that simple…There’re so many intangibles to consider. But base on my experience, I say basketball is tougher, but not by much…

Casing point here is, unless you try both of them, then you really can’t say much…Either way, I’m TEAM basketball

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