a Massive New Division whose Amazon

Amazon Advertising is a Massive New Division

 a Massive New Division   What’s powering this trend? Amazon Web Services (AWS), Jeff Bezos’s market-leading cloud computing platform, is growing at an astonishing clip and is far more profitable than Amazon’s e-commerce operations. But the stealthy story that may foretell Amazon’s future is actually advertising. That’s right: Amazon is now one of the world’s […]

About Amazon's Advertising Prospects

About Amazon’s Advertising Prospects

In this article, let’s discuss one reason why investors believe Amazon should cross the trillion-dollar market cap: advertising sales. Amazon continues to see strong adoption from sellers and third-party advertisers wishing to leverage Amazon’s platform to reach prospective customers. Essentially, Amazon hopes to offer consumers smarter recommendations. Additionally, vendors wish to increase brand awareness of […]

Why Amazon Wants You To Ask For Business Opening Hours

Yext announced a partnership with Amazon Alexa where businesses will be able to feed their digital information directly into Alexa via the Yext Knowledge Engine. Handy, but right now most people aren’t using Alexa and devices like Google Home for this reason based on most research out there (when pressed on this point, Yext provided […]

Phony Amazon Reps Calling to Confirm Order

The Better Business Bureau has received numerous calls from consumers who received calls from representatives claiming to be with Amazon. The scammer begins the call by stating that there is an Amazon package that is waiting to be delivered to the consumer. However, their payment information cannot be verified, therefore, the representative needs access to […]

Forgot us so quickly ?

Barcelona fans shout loudly “We can not be beaten” , then Roman club official twitter gave a last hit “Forgot us so quickly ?” In the national Derby, Barcelona  beat the Real Madrid 2-2 in the second half. This tie made the Barcelona League remain unbeaten. Barcelona only missed the last three games from the […]

Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid,Define questionable calls

Define questionable calls No call for Hummels running down Benzema who was set to face the Bayern goalkepper one on one, not questionable! No call for Ramos running down Lewandowski who had already passed the ball to his teammate, questionable! Isco’s on-side offensive incorrectly called off-side, not questionable! Penalty for Benatia clearly pushing down Vazquez, […]