Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid,Define questionable calls

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Bayern Munich Goalkeeper

Bayern Munich Goalkeeper

Define questionable calls

No call for Hummels running down Benzema who was set to face the Bayern goalkepper one on one, not questionable!
No call for Ramos running down Lewandowski who had already passed the ball to his teammate, questionable!
Isco’s on-side offensive incorrectly called off-side, not questionable!

Penalty for Benatia clearly pushing down Vazquez, questionable!



Cristiano Ronaldo was incorrectly called diving and then banned for 5 games, Umtiti elbowed Real Madrid player in the box without being called a penalty, Messi scored the penalty won by the diving of Suarez, not questionable!
As long as Real Madrid eventually emerged victorious, it will be questionable!

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