Amazon's effort to become the Everything Store.

Amazon’s effort to become the “Everything Store.”

Amazon’s effort to grow the number of private label brands is the clearest sign yet of how far it wants to go in its quest to become the “Everything Store.” But that’s stoking more fear and concern among sellers and brands that sell on Amazon’s website, as they have to go head-to-head with the e-commerce […]

Amazon’s new recruiting engine did not like women.

The team had been building computer programs since 2014 to review job applicants’ resumes with the aim of mechanizing the search for top talent, five people familiar with the effort told Reuters.   Automation has been key to Amazon’s e-commerce dominance, be it inside warehouses or driving pricing decisions. The company’s experimental hiring tool used […]

a Massive New Division whose Amazon

Amazon Advertising is a Massive New Division

 a Massive New Division   What’s powering this trend? Amazon Web Services (AWS), Jeff Bezos’s market-leading cloud computing platform, is growing at an astonishing clip and is far more profitable than Amazon’s e-commerce operations. But the stealthy story that may foretell Amazon’s future is actually advertising. That’s right: Amazon is now one of the world’s […]

About Amazon's Advertising Prospects

About Amazon’s Advertising Prospects

In this article, let’s discuss one reason why investors believe Amazon should cross the trillion-dollar market cap: advertising sales. Amazon continues to see strong adoption from sellers and third-party advertisers wishing to leverage Amazon’s platform to reach prospective customers. Essentially, Amazon hopes to offer consumers smarter recommendations. Additionally, vendors wish to increase brand awareness of […]

Why Amazon Wants You To Ask For Business Opening Hours

Yext announced a partnership with Amazon Alexa where businesses will be able to feed their digital information directly into Alexa via the Yext Knowledge Engine. Handy, but right now most people aren’t using Alexa and devices like Google Home for this reason based on most research out there (when pressed on this point, Yext provided […]

Phony Amazon Reps Calling to Confirm Order

The Better Business Bureau has received numerous calls from consumers who received calls from representatives claiming to be with Amazon. The scammer begins the call by stating that there is an Amazon package that is waiting to be delivered to the consumer. However, their payment information cannot be verified, therefore, the representative needs access to […]

Ellen DeGeneres Fights Back Tears

Ellen DeGeneres Fights Back Tears Ellen DeGeneres held back tears as she told her talk show audience how she and her wife were forced to flee their home ahead of the California mudslides that have claimed 17 lives. Ellen revealed she and her wife Portia de Rossi were advised to leave their $40million Montecito estate, […]

Ms Layman “tore paintings off the wall with her hands”

  According to the criminal report, it is alleged Ms Layman “tore paintings off the wall with her hands” and threw sculptures across the room, the Dallas Morning News reported. Prosecutors alleged that Ms Layman hid in Mr Buzbee’s home when he arranged an Uber ride for her. Justin Keiter, Ms Layman’s lawyer, said on […]

Coffee enema potentially harmful

“You could do damage to your bowel,” Caulfield said Tuesday from Edmonton. “I think this is absolutely absurd, potentially dangerous and there’s no way the consumer should consider using this product.” He said Goop tends to promote a particular product or service each January — vaginal steaming in 2015, jade eggs in the vagina to […]

AN exceptional Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa

Sometimes, it pays to wait and watch, biding your time until you can show the world just what you can do. ATLANTA — The national championship showdown between Alabama and Georgia drew 28.443 million viewers for ESPN, making it the second-most watched title game in the four years of the College Football Playoff format. Alabama […]

A Trump Interview With Robert Mueller Would Follow Presidential Tradition

  If President Trump answers questions from Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller, as reports indicate he may, Trump would follow the precedent set by many previous occupants of his office. NBC News reports the president’s lawyers are “discussing a range of potential options for the format,” which may include written responses to questions rather […]