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CEO Leo Ou Chen about Jumei (JMEI) Stock on Possible Privatization letter full privatisation

CEO Leo Ou Chen about Jumei (JMEI) Stock on Possible Privatization letter full privatisation

CEO Leo Ou Chen about Jumei (JMEI) Stock on Possible Privatization letter full privatisation

Dear JUMEI colleague:

I believe you have seen the JUMEI privatisation. Although rumors about JUMEI privatisation, all from the middle of last year, after careful consideration, based on the judgment of the current business environment and capital environment, we made the decision. I firmly believe that at this moment the privatisation of decision making, for the company, for each one of us, all have the strategic significance of milestone:

1. In the present stock market, we were severely underestimated. Although every the privatisation of the company emphasized that he was the market underestimated, this sounds cliche, but for JUMEI, this is an indisputable fact. In capital crazy, countless electricity crazy burn, huge losses of severe competition environment, JUMEI can still maintain rapid growth while maintaining good profitability. In since listing, we also in highway in tire, just a quarter changed to cross-border electricity transformation, as China’s first cross-border electrical contractor. Our financial data and business data to prove our excellent execution, we share price did not reflect the reasonable value of the company, and even lower than some far behind on the scale and profitability of our company.

2. Privatization is beneficial to the company in the transitional period is more flexible, more long-term decision, can let the company better response to the transformation and competition. This year level economic strategy in appearance, there is no doubt that we need to have more investment in the company’s long-term development. As a private company, we can better focused to do the right things, rather than by stock price and earnings distraction.

3. Privatization means the company once again into the entrepreneurial process, also can bring better returns to colleagues of the company. After privatization, we can be more flexible to inspire the company outstanding colleagues, let more people enjoy it brings financial returns.

JUMEI starting business, with only $13 million in financing, will be able to fight it out in the bad electricity competition, profitability and completes the company listed in four years time, created a miracle. The privatization, no doubt, the company is the beginning of a new milestone, we also value regression and run to the next important moments of business miracle.

New Year, the battle has begun, hope you and I all together, infinite passion to meet on March 1, 6 anniversary promotion ceremony. Infinite expectation JUMEI new lines of business on March 1, right prize together come on!

Ms Chen

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1. 在目前的美股市场,我们被严重低估了。虽然每一个私有化的公司都会强调自己被市场低估了,这看起来是陈词滥调,但对于聚美来说,这是一个毋庸置疑的事实。在资本疯狂,无数电商疯狂烧钱,巨额亏损的恶劣竞争环境下,聚美仍然可以在保持高速增长的同时维持优秀的盈利能力。在上市以来,我们也在高速公路换轮胎,短短一个季度换成了向跨境电商的转型,成为中国第一的跨境电商。我们的财务数据和业务数据证明了我们优异的执行力,我们的股价却没有反映出合理的公司价值,甚至低于一些在规模和盈利能力上远远落后我们的公司。

2. 私有化有利于公司在转型期更灵活,做更长期的决定,能让公司更好的应对转型和竞争。今年颜值经济的战略,无疑需要我们在公司长期的发展上有更多的投入。作为一个非上市公司,我们可以更好的沉下心来做最正确的事情,而不用被股价和财报分散精力。





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CEO Leo Ou Chen about Jumei (JMEI) Stock on Possible Privatization letter full privatisation

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