Freeze jump soccer skill

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As a foundation for agility, the ability to land safely and effectively is a critical skill to be mastered. Being able to land competently when jumping different distances, heights and angles can significantly reduce risk of injury whilst providing a solid base for rapid direction changes and deceleration. Freeze jump is a simple game that can be played by players of all ages to help them develop their landing competence.

The drag back is a great soccer skill to start your players with and can soon become part of a players game. Being able to change direction quickly and effortlessly puts huge confidence in your players and will enable them to turn away from danger and into space easily.

The aim is to jump and land as close to the target as possible without actually touching it with your toes, freezing in the landing position.
Both feet should land at same time, ball of foot hitting slightly before heels to freeze with full foot in contact with floor.
Hips sit back, knees bend (in line with toes) and shoulders come forward to absorb force of landing.
Landing should be soft and quiet


The Drag Back soccer skill


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