Heung-Min Son is going back to Korea for military training this summer

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Son Heung-Min Son

Son Heung-Min Son2

According to Korean law, athletes exempted from military service also need basic military training before the age of 27. On July 8 this year, Heung-Min Son will be 27 years old. That means he has to take part in military training this summer.

According to the original plan, Sun hopes to return to Korea on May 12, when the last round of the Premier League is over. But Spurs have reached the top four of the Champions League, which makes it possible for Heung-Min Son to postpone his return. Once Spurs reach the final, Heung-Min Son will have to wait until June to return for military training. This season’s Champions League final will be held on June 1.

In an interview with South Korean media, a South Korean official pointed out that Heung-Min Son planned to return to South Korea for military training in mid-June or mid-July.

Son was born in Chuncheon, Gangwon.His father, Son Woong-jung is a retired football player turned manager who once played for the South Korea national football B team.

Son came through the academy at FC Seoul, the same club that former Spurs defender Lee Young-pyo played for. However, Son was a ball boy in an FC Seoul home match in 2008 when he was a FC Seoul youth player.At that time, his role model was midfielder Lee Chung-yong, who played for Crystal Palace and Bolton Wanderers.

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