How to brush up you soccer skills fast

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I have played soccer for a LONG time. the really easy thing to make your soccer skills and ball handling skills pretty good is juggling.

You can do this like any free time you have. You can do it during commercials while watching tv, or if you have a slow internet connection (terror upon terror) while your page is loading.

brush up you soccer skills fast

brush up you soccer skills fast

Also, another thing you can do to improve ball handling is doing pendulums and step-ups. Also simple moves like step-overs, croiffs, and scissors.

ying Simple

You should always try to pass the ball simple. With simple I mean that passing the ball to a nearby standing teammate should always be your first option. Make sure that you don’t pass the ball if they are marked by an opponent.

Of course you will get credit from teammates when you find them with 40 yard passes, but always try to pass the ball to your nearest teammate.

brush up you soccer skills fast

Providing your teammates with quality passing, especially when you are under pressure, is also a moment where you need to be calm and try to find an easy solution.

In order to become good at passing, you also need to become familiar with the different type of passes, and the various ways in which they are used…

Push Pass

In soccer, the most frequently used pass is the push pass. This pass is easy to learn and you will know how to perform a push pass correctly just after few training sessions, but to master it you will need to practice a lot more.

Most of the time, people who train using simple methods like this will definately make the team. Good luck!

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