How to find a good soccer trainer?

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I’ve been playing soccer for a while now, and I love it. But I want somebody to help me improve my soccer, and running skills. I know I can get even better than I already am, if i had someone to guide me.

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How is this training different?

The soccer training methods I was teaching actually helped several other players reach All-American status and a couple others received honorable mentions. And it was all after they had gone through my training program.
The thing I realized about training after watching the pros and working with high level coaches was that traditional soccer practices were NOT the correct way to become a great player.
Traditional soccer practices are meant for “team building” much more than developing your own skills.
So I developed a training method designed specifically for skyrocketing a player’s individual skills. Here’s what I did:
First, I created training sessions that simulated game speed and conditions so that the skills you practice are easy to apply when it is game time.
Next, I developed highly effective drills that are specifically designed to quickly improve individual soccer skills such as ball control, touch, dribbling skills, passing skills, shooting power and precision, and even soccer I.Q.
And finally, I made sure that every player that went through my program would be the most skilled player on the field…every time…by teaching a plethora of advanced soccer moves that are guaranteed to keep the defender guessing and on their heels.

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How to find a  good soccer trainer

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