Howard Stern and locker room talk

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  • Howard Stern has been engaging in “locker room talk” for more than 35 years, but during his return to the air on Monday morning after a week off, the notorious shock jock claimed he’s never heard anyone use the phrase uttered by frequent guest Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a now-infamous hot mic moment with entertainment reporter Billy Bush. And he had some harsh words for reporters who are claiming to have “discovered” some damning interviews Trump did on Stern’s show between 2002-2013.
  • locker room talk

    locker room talk

    howard stern

    howard stern

  • There was a line stated in Howard Stern’s movie “Private Parts” that always stuck in my memory. When a ratings man was asked by one of the NBC radio producers “why do so many people love Howard Stern?” the answer was, “they want to hear what he will say next” ;. “Then why do so many people hate Howard Stern?” “They want to hear what he will say next”. You have to ask why would that be? Because people want to be entertained, love him or hate him he was entertaining. And if Stern invited Trump on his show it was for entertainment. And the world knows that Sterns show was all about being outrageous and about RATINGS. Both Stern and Trump are marketing geniuses. Give the people what they want and what they hate and you will be a star.

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