Messi’s best goal in life

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Messi's best goal in life

Messi’s best goal in life

From a slow shot, this goal seems to be a routine practice for Messi.  Messi accelerated the cut-in when he got the ball on the right side of the penalty area. He instantly passed two men and shot hard at the top corner of the right foot to break the door. Watching the slow motion alone, it seems that this goal can not be compared with the five people who repeated Maradona.

But from the super slow shot, we can truly appreciate the greatness of Messi’s goal. In half a second, Messi made two consecutive false moves with his left foot, and the ball seemed to stick to his foot.

Faced with his No. 14 guard, Messi flicked the ball on the outside of his left foot, directly shaking the opponent out of focus. At this point, the back-up defender tried to block Messi’s cut-in line, and Messi completed the second turn with the left foot inside the instep, and then completed the longitudinal breakthrough. Every time Messi touches the ball and changes the center of gravity, it is perfect. His control of balance is admirable.



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